Effective 2D radar for autonomous applications

Measurement of surrounding space geometry  in any conditions


What R-WAVE 2D MP Radar is?

R-WAVE 2D MP Radar is a compact mechanically pivoting radar.

R-WAVE 2D MP Radar is a ready for installation module that provides autonomous vehicles (or other systems) with 2D radiofrequency picture of the surrounding space.


How R_WAVE 2D MP Radar looks like ?


R-WAVE 2D MP Radar in action


More of R-WAVE MP Radar in action



How R-WAVE 2D MP Radar works?

Via Wi-Fi net created by the base station, R-WAVE RTK base station transmits a special correction signal for R-WAVE RTK receivers installed on board of autonomous vehicle.  

Receivers that have the frequency of 300ms permanently provide through RS485 line the navigation packages for the autonomous vehicle positioning with 10mm accuracy relatively to the physical position of the base station. 

Also with help of the mapper, it is possible to make any kind of mapping. It is important for creation of precise geometrical model (or absolute coordinates map) for later navigation of autonomous vehicles.

R-WAVE RTK is very efficient for solving complicated navigation tasks, e.g. navigation of autonomous agricultural vehicles. It provides perfect positioning of vehicles in the plantation rows, as it is demonstrated by the success of the Slopehelper autonomous agricultural system.




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