Navigation system  for autonomous vehicles with 10mm resolution.

Reliable autonomous navigation 5 minutes to install the system.


What R-WAVE RTK is?

R-WAVE RTK is a mobile RTK system that has a base station, rover receivers and a mapper.

R-WAVE RTK can be installed in the field within 5 minutes. It works up to 1 month until the next charge of the battery is due and provides  10mm accuracy for autonomous vehicle navigation or mapping.



How base station looks like ?



How receiver looks like ?



How mapper looks like ?


R-WAVE RTK in action


Base station installed


Receivers installed on autonomous vehicle




How R-WAVE RTK works?

Via Wi-Fi net created by the base station, R-WAVE RTK base station transmits a special correction signal for R-WAVE RTK receivers installed on board of the autonomous vehicle.  

Receivers that have the frequency of 300ms permanently provide through RS485 line the navigation packages for the autonomous vehicle positioning with 10mm accuracy relatively to the physical position of the base station. 

With help of the mapper, it is possible to make any kind of mapping. It is important for creation of precise geometrical model (or absolute coordinates map) for later navigation of autonomous vehicles.

R-WAVE RTK is very efficient for solving of complicated navigation tasks, e.g. navigation of autonomous agricultural vehicles. It provides perfect positioning of vehicles in the plantation rows, as it is demonstrated by the success of the by success of Slopehelper autonomous agricultural system.


R-WAVE RTK main advantages

  • Fully autonomous, does not require any tuning

There is no necessity of tuning the system via any interface. All you have to do is to turn on the power, and the system will be ready for operation in few minutes (after all satellites are determined).


  • Low geometrical size of elements

Base station head has very low size, but at the same time, the head has an active GNSS antenna with high sensitivity. Receivers and the mapper are also compact, because they  include active GNSS antennas of an outstanding technology.


  • Hi Rel design and manufacturing

For design and manufacturing we applied COTS approach. All elements are intended for long term real field operations.


  • Extremely easy to use

We understand that some of our customers are not experts in GNSS systems, so we do not ask our customers to prepare system other than turn the power on.


  • Compact, transportable

The base station with the height of the must 6+ m can be handled and installed by one worker. At the same time, the base station is compact when folded for transportation.


  • All weather conditions

The system is targeted for real fields with real wind and real weather conditions.


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